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Console Cheating

Open the console by pressing the tilde (~) key on your keyboard. You can configure the key used to open the console from the options menu.

In order to use cheats, you need to enable them. Type

cheats on

into the console to do so.

Note: Enabling cheats will prevent you from unlocking achievements for the rest of that game.

Available Cheats

Note: <empire id> refers to the empire's number in the game. In single player games, this is 1 for the player and 2, 3, etc for the AIs.

ch_colonize on/off -- When this is on, planet colonization happens instantaneously and without loss of population.

ch_seeall on/off -- When this is on, you will have permanent vision over everything in the game.

ch_flagship <empire id> <design name> -- Spawn a flagship of <design name> owned by <empire id> at the mouse cursor or selected object.

ch_supports <amount> <design name> -- Spawn <amount> supports of <design name> at the mouse cursor or for the selected fleet.

ch_orbital <empire id> <orbital identifier> -- Spawn an <orbital identifier> owned by <empire id> at the mouse cursor.

ch_research <amount> -- Gain <amount> research points.

ch_energy <amount> -- Gain <amount> energy points.

ch_ftl <amount> -- Gain <amount> FTL points.

ch_influence <amount> -- Gain <amount> influence points.

ch_money <amount> -- Gain <amount> in special funds.

ch_labor <amount> -- Increase the labor generation per minute on the currently selected planet by <amount>.

ch_owner <empire id> -- Change selected/hovered objects to be owned by <empire id>.

ch_destroy -- Destroy the selected/hovered objects.

ch_activate_ai -- Activate the AI on your player empire.

ch_trigger TriggerEffect(arg) -- Trigger any triggerable hook on the currently selected object. Triggerable hooks are sourced mostly from

ch_ai_command <empire id> <command> <arguments> -- Sends a command to the specified AI.

AI Commands: "diff <difficulty>" -- sets the AI's difficulty, where difficulty is 0-5 to match the difficulty list, or the name of the difficulty (passive, easy, medium, hard, murderous, savage).