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Income Resources

There are 7 main income resources in Star Ruler 2. These resources are all used to execute various actions in the game, each with different purposes. Resources are generated primarily on planets by infrastructure built by the citizens. With the exception of FTL and Labor, all of these resources have no hard storage cap, and are instead capped through various other methods.

Of the listed resources, only Labor cannot be monitored on the global bar. However, Defense generation as observed on the global bar only measures the amount of Defense going into the global pool, and does not include local, object-specific sources of Defense such as the Defense generated by Outposts.

The funding of your entire empire. Used for construction and maintenance.

Represents the cultural and diplomatic influence of your empire, used in negotiations with other empires.

Vast supplies of energy used for specialized abilities. Activates artifacts spread throughout the galaxy.

Collected FTL energy, used to engage various means of moving ships faster than light.

Applied research is used to improve many aspects of your Empire.

Supplies systems with the means to freely build defensive ships.

Determines the rate of construction at planets and shipyards.

Budget Cycles

Every 3 minutes, a new Budget Cycle starts. Your total budget for those 3 minutes will be set to the total of your Money Income minus all your Maintenance costs.

If your Money Income is lower than your total maintenance, your empire is in Debt. This initially manifests itself by reducing your population growth based on the severity of the debt, but if the debt is massive enough, all your fleets' weapons will stop firing. Avoid this at all costs!

A cost in the game could be expressed as §300k / §120k. This would indicate a one-off construction cost of §300k (removed from your current remaining budget), and a permanent maintenance cost of §120k (removed from every future budget until the source of the maintenance - such as a ship - is invalidated by destruction or a change of ownership).


The total generation of Influence in the galaxy for all empires is permanently set to 6*EmpireCount and does not change throughout the game. The more Influence Stake your planets have, the larger your percentage part of the total generation will be. The percentage of total galactic generation you are currently claiming is indicated below your stored Influence on the global bar.

Your Optimal Storage for Influence is determined by (Influence Stake + (Rounded Up(sqrt(Influance Stake)))) * 2. For example, if your Influence Stake is 2 your Optimal Storage is (2+2)*2 = 8 The more Influence you store above your Optimal Storage, the slower you will produce Influence.

Try to spend Influence before running over your Optimal Storage to keep your generation high.


Energy is used to activate artifacts, powerful objects scattered throughout the galaxy by automated Seed Ships, as well as for various late-game purposes.

The more Energy you store above your free storage cap (0 by default, increased by researching Capacitance), the slower you will produce more Energy.

The base Energy value of 1 Energy Pressure, before being modified by your storage penalty or inefficient pressure utilization, is 0.5 Energy per second.

As with Influence, try to spend Energy as quickly as possible to keep your generation high.


FTL energy is used to facilitate faster-than-light travel in Star Ruler 2. Primarily gathered from planets with FTL Crystals
Generates [levels=-1;#00c0ff]0.1/0.5/1/2/3/8[/levels] FTL per second.

If this planet is Level 4 or higher:
Grants vision over all fleets currently in FTL anywhere.

If this planet is Level 5:
All FTL jumps leaving from this system are free.

This resource is a scalable resource and cannot be exported or used to level up. Its bonuses depend on the level of the planet.
FTL Crystals
on them, it is recommended that you maintain a high FTL generation rate and storage capacity at all times.

Empires start with 250 FTL capacity and a generation rate of 1 FTL/s. While increasing it is possible and recommended, exceeding the storage cap is not possible.

Defense Generation

Defense is used to freely build support ships throughout your empire. The amount of defense generated per minute will generate the same amount of combined Labor cost in free supports, spread around to the various planets and systems marked to receive those ships, or your homeworld if no targets are specified.

These ships can then be used in the same way as any other support ship. It should be noted, though, that support ships with a maintenance cost cannot be built by Defense.