Energy and Artifacts

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Gaining Energy

Using resources that provide Energy Pressure will cause your civilian population to build infrastructure that generates Energy. Energy is stored and used empire-wide.

The more Energy you store above your free storage cap (0 by default, increased by researching Capacitance), the slower you will produce more Energy.

The base Energy value of 1 Energy Pressure, before being modified by your storage penalty or inefficient pressure utilization, is 0.5 Energy per second.

Activating Artifacts

Energy is used to activate artifacts you can find around the galaxy. Each artifact behaves differently and each have their own rules for use. Generally, you simply need to select them and activate their power in the bottom left by clicking the icon and choosing a target. You may also activate an artifact from the quickbar by clicking the icon for the type of artifact you want to use. One of the artifacts you have available to you will be activated.

Seed Ships

The races that produced the artifacts also launched Seed Ships - large vessels that travel between galaxies, searching for evidence of civilizations capable of using their technology. All energy generated in the galaxy will encourage a distant Seed Ship to visit, dropping off new artifacts for you to use. The more energy you generate compared to the other empires, the more likely you are to be visited.

Other Uses

Aside from activating artifacts, Energy can be used by subsystems such as Emergency Supplies, Skip Drives or Ion Cannons, for the construction of subsystem modifiers such as the Quantum Battery, or to support votes via the Energy Clash influence card.