Finding the Mod Editor

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The mod editor can be reached in one of two ways, both of which are buttons at the bottom of the mod list reachable from the Mods menu from the main menu screen:

  • Create New Mod - This asks you what to name a new mod (spaces are ok, renaming later is a little difficult) and then creates that new mod and opens the mod editor to edit it.
  • Edit Mod - This opens the mod editor and loads whatever mod is selected from the list.

You will now be looking at the modinfo.txt tab, where you can change the description for a mod and upload it to steam. If this is a new mod it will have a red bold line warning you that you need a logo, and the upload button will be disabled.

From here the rest of the mod editor is accessible via various tabs at the top of the screen, especially the Overview tab (which is also the default for any newly added tabs).