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Planet Levels

Different planets have different amounts of development and infrastructure present, represented by the planet's current Level. The ownership circle around a planet's icon indicates its level.

Levels range from Level 0, a small fringe world with one major city, to Level 5, a massive metropolis and a bustling beacon of activity in your empire.

In order to level up, planets require Resources.


Every planet in the game has one native resource type available. A native resource type represents the presence of the raw materials needed for your empire's industry to produce the listed type of resource. Every resource also has a required level to produce. Level 0 resources like Water
Leveling planets up to Level 1 requires Water.
and Iron

Increases the construction speed of support ships by 30%.

Labor increases the rate of ship and orbital construction.
can be produced by any planet, Level 0 or higher. Higher level resources like Textiles
Level 1 -
Money generates budget income for the empire.
(Level 1) or Uranium
Level 2 -
Energy generates the energy necessary to activate artifacts.
(Level 2) require better developed planets to produce.

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To start producing a resource, a planet first needs to be Colonized. This involves sending 1 billion population from a source planet to settle on it, claiming it for your empire.

To colonize a planet, select a source planet with more than 1 billion population (Level 1 or higher) by left clicking it, then right click the planet to colonize and select the colonization option. You can also right click uncolonized planets with no source selected and choose the 'Colonize this' option to automatically select a nearby source world.

Trading Resources

Resources can be Exported from the planet producing them in order to be consumed on a different planet. To upgrade a planet's level, you need to import resources for it to use and advance with.

To export a resource, select the source planet, then right click the destination planet and select the appropriate export option. Resources can only be available on one planet at a time.

Resources can only be traded between planets within the same Territory, indicated by the borders in your empire color on the galaxy map. The gray borders are what's known as your Tradable Area: systems colonized inside this area will be added to your territory, as opposed to becoming new territories of their own.

Creating a Resource Network

In order to upgrade a planet to Level 1, it needs access to one Water
Leveling planets up to Level 1 requires Water.
, and any type of Food ( Fruit (Food)
Leveling planets up requires Food.
Fruit (Food)
, Meat (Food)
Leveling planets up requires Food.
Meat (Food)
, Grain (Food)
Leveling planets up requires Food.
Grain (Food)
, or Fish (Food)
Leveling planets up requires Food.
Fish (Food)

You'll notice that the homeworld, unlike other planets, starts with 2 native resources: a food and a water. This automatically starts it at Level 1 and ready to colonize other planets.

To get to Level 2, your homeworld will need another source of Food, and any Level 1 Resource. You'll notice that you need to upgrade the planet with the latter to Level 1 in order to gain access to its resource, requiring you to find and export another Food and Water to it.

The total requirements for each level are as follows:

Level 1:
1 Water, 1 Food

Level 2:
1 Water, 2 Foods, 1 Level 1 Resource

Level 3:
1 Water, 3 Foods, 2 Level 1 Resources, 1 Level 2 Resource

Level 4:
1 Water, 4 Foods, 4 Level 1 Resources, 2 Level 2 Resources

Level 5:
1 Water, 5 Foods, 6 Level 1 Resources, 4 Level 2 Resources


Most resources other than food and water indicate one or more of the Income Resources in their tooltip. The resources are said to create Pressure for that income resource. Higher level resources generally produce more pressure. Your civilian population will construct production buildings to match the pressures of the resources available on a planet; you cannot otherwise control your civilian production.

Level 1 -

Money generates budget income for the empire.
, a Level 1 Resource, has Money Pressure. Importing it to your homeworld will cause your civilian population to construct buildings that increase the amount of money you have available.[/offset]

Every planet has a Pressure Capacity, determined by its level and the size of its population. Planets importing resources that create more pressure than their capacity will still produce extra income resources, but will do so at a reduced rate.

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