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[h2]Intro[/h2][hr/] This tutorial is intended for an audience that is aware of the basic actions in SR2 but needs a little instruction to get off the ground and into space so to speak. This tutorial is intended to be played along with the game in the wiki tab of the game at the top of the screen.

Every map contains universes, planets, colonies, ships, asteroids, and anomalies. These are all elements of the game. The elements every empire needs to account for - to have a chance at winning - are the following: [offset=30] [b]Colonies[/b]: Colonies are the most important constituents of every empire. When an empire loses all of its colonies it ceases to exist. [br/][b]Fleets[/b]: Fleets are made up of a flagship and support ships. Flag ships can be commanded whereas support ships can not. Support ships will automatically seek planets or flag ships to support them. [br/][b]Colonial Resources[/b]: Colony Resources occur on planets and in asteroids and they are called colonial resources because they enhance colonies. Many colonial resources pressure colonies to produce infrastructure. Civilian infrastructure enhances the economy of the colony that uses them by increasing production of income resources. [br/][b]Income Resources[/b]: Money, Influence, Energy, FTL Fuel, Research, Defense and Labor. Of these Money is by far the most important, labor the second most important and FTL the third most important. The other resources have their uses especially in the mid- and late-game but you can win without them.[/offset]

[h2]Early Game[/h2][hr/] At the start of the game You've got your home system. Your home system contains your homeworld, 3 planets containing a water, a food and a level 1 resource and an asteroid with another lv 0 resource.

At the start take these actions in sequence: [offset=30][b]1[/b]- Pause the game (press f9) as soon as the game loads [br/][b]2[/b]- Build a farm on your homeworld. [br/][b]3[/b]- Colonize all 3 planets, starting with those that are the furthest away. [br/][b]4[/b]- Que up the food and water of the neutral planets to go to the 3rd planet with the lv 0 resource and que the lv 1 resource to go to your homeworld. [br/][b]5[/b]- Colonize all 3 planets, starting with those that are the furthest away. [br/][b]6[/b]- Design a scout with 10 rocket engines (no FTL engines) and 1 command subsystem. [br/][b]7[/b]- Que up 2 to 5 scouts on your homeworld and que up a base on the local asteroid [br/][b]8[/b]- Unpause (f9) and order your scouts to scout out connected systems. (hint, order your scout to go through multiple systems by laying a straight line of travel over as many systems as possible at once, in this way it will scout all systems it comes across at much greater speed.) [/offset]