List of Resources

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(PR = Pressure)

Food : Fish, Fruit, Grain, Meat


Allondium not exportable, +1 Influence PR, +(PlanetLvl+1)*10% Influence, -PlanetLvl/2 Cost for Diplomatic Cards (round down), if PlanetLvl >3 buy "Name Flagship/Planet" anytime wanted, at PlanetLvl 5 up to -3 Influence Cost per Card in a Vote

Coal +2 Energy PR, +30% Labor from civilian Structures

Fulrate +2 Money PR, +4 Native PR

Iron +4 Labor PR, +30% Support Ship Building Speed

Pekelm +3 Defense PR, +100% Colony Ship Speed

Aluminium +6 Labor PR, +1 PR Capacity

Lvl 1

Chemicals +3 Research PR

Natural Gas +3 Energy PR

Rare Metals +3 Research PR

Textiles +3 Money PR

Titanium +8 Labor PR

Lvl 2

Neutronium +7 Defense PR

Psionic Reagents +7 Influence PR, no loyalty loss after 3min

Supercarbons +12 Labor PR



Construction Materials +10 Labor