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Welcome to the Star Ruler 2 Wiki! This wiki is accessible online at

Check out some of the topics listed here to start your galactic conquest:

Frequently Asked

FAQ: What is Pressure?

FAQ: How to start and continue/finish a Drydock?

Gameplay Guide

1. Economy - Income resources and expenditures.

2. Planets and Resources - The basic building blocks of your empire.

3. Ships and Combat - Construct fleets and do battle with your enemies.

4. FTL - Get to places faster, for glory!

5. Buildings and Orbitals - Build massive structures on planets and in space.

6. Asteroids - Discover strange new materials.

7. Diplomacy and Influence - Conduct diplomacy and affect the course of the game.

8. Energy and Artifacts - Activate powerful artifacts from ancient races.

9. Research - Improve aspects of your ships and empire.

10. Designs - Completely change the makeup of your ships and fleets.

11. Debris - Discover and use relics from an ancient species.

12. Terraforming - Alter planets to suit your needs.


Modding Overview


Cheats - For the devious emperor.

Game Mechanics - For the calculating minds

Lets Plays - How do other people play this?